Our mission is to foster a collaborative, inclusive, and prosperous venture and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Who we are

The NEVCA is a network, a catalyst, an advocate, and a resource – working to make New England the best place in the world to start, grow, and invest in companies.

700+ Venture Capital Professionals
80+ Firms
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About About
  • I’ve been in VC over 20 years, and the NEVCA has provided fabulous thought leadership to entrepreneurs and investors on the most pressing issues of our day.
    Bill Geary,Flare Capital
  • NEVCA galvanizes the technology ecosystem and calls on us to raise our voices about some of today’s most pressing issues, such as talent development, diversity, patent troll protection and net neutrality.
    Mohamad Ali,Carbonite
  • The NEVCA plays a critical role in aligning and coalescing the regional innovation community. It has been great to work with them on a variety of cross-company initiatives.
    Rob Biederman,Catalant
  • NEVCA has long been a champion of our vibrant entrepreneurial community. Their leadership on initiatives is critical to the competitiveness of our cherished ecosystem.
    Ric Fulop,Desktop Metal
  • NEVCA is taking on the big collective problems of our innovation ecosystem to help us reach our potential as a community.
    Eric Paley,Founder Collective
  • NEVCA plays a critical role in the innovation ecosystem - bringing venture capitalists, young entrepreneurs and large companies like Vertex together to translate exciting ideas into new products and technologies.
    Dr. Jeffrey Leiden,Vertex