• What does the NEVCA do?

    The NEVCA is a network, a catalyst, an advocate, and a resource – working to make New England the best place in the world to start, grow, and invest in companies.

    We promote relationships among founders and investors; amplify the voice of New England’s entrepreneurial community; build workforce development and talent retention programs; and advocate for innovation-friendly public policy.

  • How long has the NEVCA been around?

    The NEVCA is actually nearly 40 years old – but the past decade has seen a complete revitalization. Since 2009, the organization has gone from one part-time employee to five full-time, added countless members and sponsors, and built two large-scale workforce development initiatives in-house.

  • Do you fund startups?

    The NEVCA does not fund startups. Our work seeks to create the best possible environment in which to fund and be funded – but it is our members who directly deploy capital.

  • How can I attend your VC briefings or Syndicate Sessions?

    The NEVCA hosts monthly events for our members. Learn more about becoming a member to receive regular invitations to our private events.

  • Can my organization collaborate with the NEVCA for an event?

    We’d be happy to discuss an event happening within the New England region and how we can get involved.  Write to us with more details and we will follow up with you.

  • How do I become a member if my fund has recently launched?

    Learn about our member benefits here and drop us a line. We will set up a time with you to discuss membership enrollment.

  • Can I join the NEVCA if I’m not an investor?

    Sort of! Our core membership consists of Venture Capital firms – but our Associate Members span industries. If you are a service provider, foreign investment organization, or educational institution, we welcome you to the family. Learn more about becoming a partner.

  • What are the NEVY Awards?

    The NEVYs are New England’s premier celebration of the venture ecosystem, and the only one truly uniting the Tech and Life Science communities. An “anti-awards show,” they spurn white tablecloths and boring speeches, instead embracing the vibe of New England’s innovation economy: fast-paced, eccentric, colorful, and unapologetic. Attended by over 1000 of the region’s top innovators, investors, and companies, the NEVYs are a singular celebration of the region’s biggest wins and brightest stars. Driven by cutting edge production and always set in theme — from Hair Metal to Solid Gold; ‘Gone Country’ to Mardi Gras — they are a uniquely vibrant phenomenon in a sea of cookie-cutter alternatives. Learn more about the event and drop us a line if you want to partner on NEVYs 2018.

  • What are your political activities?

    The NEVCA advocates for innovation-friendly public policy.  Examples of our work include Non-Compete Reform, Gender Equity in Venture & Startups, Immigration, Patent Trolls, Transportation, and more. Subscribe to our monthly Policy Brief to keep track of our progress.