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The NEVCA invests in the long-term, large-scale success of the region's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our work takes different forms, and focuses on a variety of issues: workforce development, talent retention, succession planning in VC, regional brand awareness, and more.

The Bioscience & Investor Inclusion Group

The BIIG is a coalition intent on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the life sciences innovation industry. Members commit to developing solutions to increase participation among underrepresented groups, and to driving measurable change at employer companies in the VC industry and among innovator companies. Through a community working group model, the BIIG seeks to drive change in the domains of Hiring & OnboardingPeople & Growth, and Investor Interactions. Working group members are responsible for surfacing ideas, workshopping strategies, and championing implementation at the firms they lead and companies to which they contribute.                                                                                                                                   Learn More
The Bioscience & Investor Inclusion Group


The NEVYs are Boston’s premier celebration of the venture ecosystem, and the only one truly uniting the Tech and Life Science communities. An “anti-awards show,” they spurn white tablecloths and boring speeches, instead embracing the vibe of Boston’s innovation economy: fast-paced, eccentric, colorful, and unapologetic.

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Hack.Diversity is an initiative of the New England Venture Capital Association, tackling the underrepresentation of high-skilled minority employees in Boston's innovation economy. Recognizing a distinct talent inefficiency (skilled labor shortage despite large, un-accessed talent pools), NEVCA launched Hack.Diversity to recruit, vet, and place Black and Latino computer science and engineering students into the region's fastest growing companies - with unique training, coaching, and support for both employer and employee throughout the experience. Hack.Diversity aims to buoy the regional innovation economy by effecting a 100% increase in the number of Blacks and Latinos contributing to it.

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Advisory Committee

  • Jeff Bussgang

    Flybridge Capital
  • Scott Friend

    Bain Capital Ventures
  • Sarah Case

  • Tarlin Ray

    Kaplan Labs
  • Mike Troiano

    G20 Ventures
  • Greg Shell

    Bain Capital Double Impact
  • Dan Phillips

    CloudHealth Technologies
  • Dave Melville

    The Bowdoin Group
  • Christina Luconi

  • Neeraj Agrawal

    Battery Ventures


Unpitch programs - in TECH, HEALTH, and BIO - facilitate connections between early stage entrepreneurs ​and seasoned investors. Events are NOT about delivering elevator pitches onstage, "demo day" presentations, or trying to grab a few seconds with a venture capitalist in a conference hallway. ​Instead, Unpitch events are a chance for founders to ​have lunch with investors in a casual, no-pressure environment,​ discuss business plans​, get meaningful feedback, and make connections critical to progress.

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Unpitch Unpitch

Syndicate Sessions

The NEVCA's Syndicate Sessions are a unique offering for pre-partner investors. Blending networking and content, Sessions help early-career investors build the knowledge base and networks essential to longterm success.

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Syndicate Sessions Syndicate Sessions

Advisory Committee

  • Dan Gebremedhin

    Flare Capital
  • Juan Luis Leung-Li

    Tectonic Ventures
  • Parul Singh

    Founder Collective
  • Payal Agrawal Divakaran

    .406 Ventures
  • Ross Leimberg


VC Briefings

VC Briefings are a cornerstone of the NEVCA's mission to facilitate the connections and relationships critical to a vibrant venture ecosystem. Invitation-only briefings offer in-depth, interactive discussions between investors, operators, and academics, on the topics at the cutting-edge of the venture landscape.

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Boston Innovation Guide

Boston's innovation ecosystem is a vibrant tangle of people, places, events, and ideas - and it can get overwhelming for even seasoned veterans. From pillar companies to Midas List investors; journalists to influencers; events, workspaces, accelerators, neighborhoods, classes, and coffee shops - the Boston Innovation Guide is the living repository of the country's most innovative ecosystem.

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Boston Innovation Guide Boston Innovation Guide

Boston Robotics Report

In one of the largest hubs for robotics technology development, the same technologies used in driverless cars are being applied in the beginnings of a different technology revolution, one that will take place on factory floors. The promise of microlocation robotics is far less overbought than that of autonomous vehicles, and recent developments in the Boston-area robotics cluster show it may be closer to a breakthrough. The opportunity is to expand robots’ viability into new industries and enable new manufacturing strategies by allowing robots and humans to work in close proximity.
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Boston Robotics Report